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  • What is house call grooming?
    Instead of getting your pet to the groomer, I come to your house and groom your pet in its own, familiar environment. I do not have a grooming trailer or van, but all the equipment necessary to give your pet a full groom. This way the animal never has to leave its familiar surroundings, particularly senior pets and nervous dogs enjoy a groom in a relaxed way. Our busy lifestyle puts a lot of stress on us - getting your pet groomed should not be a reason. Regularly groomed animals are generally happier and healthier, and you, as a pet parent, will enjoy the benefits as well.
  • What services do you offer?
    Except bathing (I can make exceptions for small dogs), I can accommodate most grooming needs. Double coated breeds get a thorough brush-out / deshedding / coat conditioning treatment, and any trimming needed, while many poodles, doodles, and similar breeds enjoy trims, puppy cuts or clips. I do clip nails if the animal is cooperative.
  • What is your grooming philosophy?
    I believe in mutual trust between animal and me. I cannot reasonably expect an animal to trust me, if I am not willing to do the same. I build trust first, then groom. It takes a little bit more time initially, but once we have that bond of trust, we are all good and I don't have to restrain the animal in any way. I give your pet what it needs and tolerates.
  • How long does a grooming session last?
    It depends. Some pets allow me to do what I need to do, others have a limited amount of patience with me, but I am usually done within 90 minutes.
  • How often should my pet be groomed?
    Depends a lot on what you want. Ideally every 3-4 weeks for medium and long coated breeds, 4-6 weeks for short haired breeds. Some folks have their animal groomed weekly.
  • Do I need to be present?
    No. Many established clients leave their key under the floor mat (or other secret places) and enjoy their clean pet upon their return. Or they go about their business while I conduct mine.
  • Do my pets have to be vaccinated?
    Yes. I need proof of rabies vaccination.
  • Do you express anal glands?
    I prefer not to. If you feel there is a problem with your pets' anal glands, you need to see your vet.
  • I have a special needs pet. Is that a problem?
    No. Some animals need a little more attention or time, and that is fine with me. I will take your pets medical history into account. If I feel during any point of the session that your pet is in pain, extremely uncomfortable, or aggressive, I will stop and finish at a later time. There will be no discounts or reduced charges for aborted sessions. Your pets' well being is my prime concern.
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