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My service area include The Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, and the grooming fee includes travel. However, for clients over 40 miles away from Fairlee, VT, a travel surcharge of $1/mile  might apply, unless there are multiple animals to be groomed.

Pricing starts at $90 per dog (small) or cat, $100-150 for medium to large dogs, and extra-large dog breeds are $100/hour. This includes as much care and comfort I can provide to your pet, while brushing out their coat, removal of undercoat and mats, nail trimming, sanitary clip if necessary, including care of incontinent pets, eye, and ear cleaning.  As long as they are happy and cool with that, and they usually are.

Cat owners: The grooming fee for cats is $90-100, with a $50 minimum if your cat doesn't allow me to touch them.

Most cats enjoy being brushed and groomed while sitting in my lap. Not all are purring away, but generally need very little restraint, if any. Unless matting is severe, in most cases I can work out mats and knots without putting excessive stress on the cat.  I do not bathe cats, I do offer lion cuts and shave downs for severely matted cats though. 


My approach to grooming cats is very simple: I give them the impression they are in charge. Few things are funnier in the grooming world than a cat complaining about being groomed, while clearly enjoying it. If given the choice to leave, they actually stay and let me do my thing. They can't decide if they should purr or complain, which is all I need to keep them preoccupied...

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