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"Dirk did an amazing job with our 15 year old golden retriever. This is such a better option than going to the groomers, especially for senior pets like mine! I highly recommend this awesome alternative for your pet's grooming needs. Thanks again!"

- Katie S., Enfield, NH

"Dirk is very professional and kind. My dog hates to be groomed but he actually seemed to enjoy it when Dirk groomed him. Did a terrific job. Prompt reasonable rates, wonderful experience. Highly recommend Fresh & Furry Pet Grooming!!!!"

- Mary M., East Corinth, VT

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"Anise the Whoodle loves Dirk. She has gone from a wiggly mess to a somewhat calm clean member of the family. Dirk's patient and gentle demeanor worked like magic on her, all in a familiar setting. Highly recommended."
- Pat E., Lyme, NH

"Dirk was awesome with my Siberian Husky and we love that he comes to us with all his equipment! If you're looking for an excellent groomer who's great with your pets don't hesitate to call Fresh & Furry. I know we now have a standing monthly appointment."- Vicky W., Woodsville, NH

"What a wonderful experience for both Mr Bailey and myself to have Dirk come and groom at our home! Dirk is so calm and was wonderful with my overly furry boy, taking the time to let Bailey settle in with a new person and talking gently to him the whole time he was on the grooming table. I am so pleased!"
- Sue C., Charlestown, NH

"Dirk is amazing! Our 2 labs had the best spa day at our house! Dirk was wonderful with the dogs-they were calm and so peaceful during the grooming thanks to his exceptional ability to relate and relax the animals! Cannot wait for the next spa day!"

- Kate M., Woodstock, VT

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"When Dirk told me he did not use a muzzle, I listened with concern, as Bernie had at one time bitten a groomer. But when Dirk explained his reasoning, I knew I had met a special kind of groomer. I peaked into the kitchen and saw Bernie laying, looking very relaxed, on the grooming table as Dirk snipped away. I truly could not believe my eyes, so I had to snap a couple of photos. Bernie looks adorable, had a stress-free grooming session, and I am thrilled. To be sure, I will be a returning customer."
- Mary T., Randolph Center

"Dirk was awesome with my Siberian Husky and we love that he comes to us with all his equipment! If you're looking for an excellent groomer who's great with your pets don't hesitate to call Fresh & Furry. I know we now have a standing monthly appointment."-

Vicky W., Woodsville, NH

"What a great service! Dirk came out to our house and took care of my fat, matted cat! It was the first time that we have not had Luna sedated for grooming. Luna was not entirely happy but she quickly recovered and looks much better. I am sure she feels better after having all those mats removed. Thank you Dirk!"

- Heidi A., Lebanon, NH

I can not say enough good things about Dirk. My cat Bert , who was severely matted was trimmed by Dirk. Bert really surprised me as DIRK first made friends with him . And the total experience was not as stressful as I had imagined. As a matter of fact Bert even allowed Dirk to hold him like a baby, while trimming him! A first.

- Ray L., Mt. Holly, VT

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Hi Upper Valley 
I am the proud owner of two geriatric Labrador Retrievers. I have taken them to several area groomers, and have no complaints with any of them they were all wonderful with my girls. But unfortunately the girls are getting older and like their human counter parts the hips and knees don't work like they used to, and its getting harder and harder to
get in and out of the car. Almost more trouble than it was worth to go to the groomers. They were in desperate need of a good grooming, so yesterday I tried "Fresh and Furry" Mobile Pet Grooming, and words cannot express my pleasure with the level of service that Dirk provides. Not only did the girls come to him with no apprehension but they didn't bark when he knocked on the door and that was history in the making, and they were not all stressed out afterwards. Dirk took his time grooming and caring for them. Talking to them' keeping them calm so they enjoyed the experience. He even took the time to explain to my granddaughters what he was doing, and how he was doing it, and the importance of good grooming for their beloved Izzy and Percie. It is so obvious how much he loves animals and his job. I have two very happy fresh and furry Black Labs and we couldn't be happier. I don't know about the girls (they haven't said) but I'm looking forward to their next grooming. If your considering Dirk's mobile pet grooming give it a try you will be more than pleased with the care and results."

- Gail Thresher / Wilder, VT

After seeing his note on Listserv, we had Dirk Ussler of Fresh & Furry Pet Grooming come to our house to groom one of our dogs who is old and has health issues. Dirk showed up right on time, did a fantastic job and our old "Buddy," usually unhappy about being groomed, was totally fine throughout. We will definitely become "regulars" with Dirk. 

- Warren Thayer, Norwich, VT

Dirk has come to our home three times and he is very good with our shih tzus, Cramer who is 10 years old and Mac who is 1.5 years old..still a pup.  On the first visit Dirk sat to greet and meet the dogs, played  gently with them a bit and then when the dogs were calm and he was sure of the cut I wanted, he picked up one and took him to another room and started the process.  I was amazed at how little water he used, and how clam the dogs were. 
Because he is not a veterinarian he can only express anal glands from the exterior so if you want a deep anal gland expression, save that for a vet visit.
Dirk is great with our older dog, Cramer, who has started snapping when his nails get trimmed which is why I started to have our dogs professionally groomed.  I am relieved to have him come here to groom the dogs.  
When I groomed them I would do it over a course of a few days  and Bob and I struggled with the nail clipping, until Cramer bit me. That was the last straw and I have had several people groom our dogs since then.  But, I don't feel comfortable with groomers who want you to leave the dogs and not observe them.  Every groomer I tried in the past told me that I cannot be present when my dogs are groomed which is why I like having Dirk come over. 
My husband and I have known Dirk, his wife and kids for about 10 years  starting back when they all were in taekwondo as a family in the Bradford Blue Wave gym.
Dirk is very honest and if I were to complain at all it would be that he spends a lot of time on each dog and if you are in a time crunch, schedule him for another day, especially since you have two dogs.  
He has been quite helpful in finding the right shampoo for one of our dogs and calls to check up each time he has tried a different product to see how Mac responded to the grooming. And this last session, he said that the Vet should express the glands as he felt that  each dog had a clogged gland. He also recommended Mac see the vet as he thought Mac had a case of ear mites in one ear. He was right and the vet verified and treated these concerns . 
So, yes, I recommend him. He will follow your instructions, make suggestions and take care of your dogs. Dirk is very thorough, and he cleans up all the mess the dogs and are comfortable with him. An added bonus is no  snippets of fur all over the place, no towels to wash and no spots of water that were trekked all over the house!

- Mary Kline, Bradford, VT

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